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Solve your IT manpower bottlenecks. Launch products, grow revenues, retain customers with 
your own offshore tech team in Batam. 

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"Glints has provided great service from start to end, from sourcing of candidates all the way to placement. They truly listen to your needs and makes sure they meet them. They ensure that every candidate profile sent your way meets you and thoroughly assists you in vetting them. Definitely, recommend them in fulfilling technical needs."

Felix Tan

Co-Founder, Anywhr

High Quality Tech Talent  

We’ll actively recommend from over 200,000 talent in our database. Upskilling training is supported by Economic Development Board of Singapo re (EDB) and Temasek Polytechnic.  

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Save Time & Cost 

Hiring employees in Indonesia would require you to incorporate an entity. Glints has entities in both Singapore and Indonesia so we’ll help you to hire, settle the payroll and build a tech team in Nongsa Digital Park, Batam.    


It’s free to get started. You pay only a flat SGD 1,500 upon successful hire. Enjoy the risk-free safety of a 3-month replacement guarantee.

Start building your offshore tech team.

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We are on a mission to help companies build successful teams with top young talent.

Glints Global is a one stop shop to help companies build the best tech team possible. Our high quality candidates, and hassle-free approach to find the best tech talent for you, saves you time and costs. 

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Glints Global

For Job Seekers

Hiring tech talent is getting harder, especially with a low supply in Singapore. We help you find developers, UX/UI designers and digital marketers in Nongsa Digital Park fast and at a low cost.

1. Schedule a Consultation 

Tell us about your company and the position(s) you are hiring for.   

3 Quick & Easy Steps to Build Your Offshore Tech Team

2. Review qualified candidates 

Access top talent who have been curated automatically by our algorithms based on your job openings and selected by our consultants. 

3. Hire! 

Connect with the chosen candidates and set up interview schedules. Hire the best candidate hassle-free, with a median time to hire of 12 days.


Hired a Ruby on Rails Fullstack Developer, and DevOps 

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Hired a Fullstack Developer, BackEnd and FrontEnd   


Hired 2 Full Stack Developers    

Singapore-based startups have discovered the most effective way to grow their tech team. Join these companies on Glints Global to launch products, grow revenue, and retain customers. Meet your next best team member. 


Hired a Backend Engineer 

FWD Insurance 

Hired QA Engineers 

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4. Are they working for my company full-time? 

Yes, they will be working for your company full-time. 

5. Who manages them? 

As with all full-time employees, you will be managing them directly. We will help by providing supervision, and also a community of other developers who they will work physically with for peer support. 

6. How much does it cost? 

You will pay on average only between $500-$1,000 per month for a developer! 

Start building your offshore tech team.

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Build Your Tech Team

Solve your IT manpower bottlenecks. Launch products, grow revenues, retain customers with your own offshore tech team in Batam.

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Why Batam? 

With just a $50 ferry ticket and 45 minutes ferry ride, you can have a face to face meeting or training with your tech team, whenever you need. Benefit from the cost-savings of offshoring without compromising on performance due to distance. Cut cost, not performance.

Quark Spark

Hired an Android Developer 

1. Where will the developers be based?  

The developers will be based in Nongsa Digital Park, Batam, Indonesia.  

2. Why Batam?

Batam has an untapped pool of tech talent, and is strategically located just 45 mins away from Singapore, making frequent
communication easier for you.

3. Do I have to apply work permits for them?  

No need! We will hire them under our Indonesia entity and outsource them full time to you. 



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